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Full-Service Webcast Production
Feature-Rich Content Management for Live and On-Demand Viewing
Breakthrough Pricing

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By combining innovative technology with proprietary applications, Total Webcasting delivers high quality Webcasting at a very affordable price. One additional advantage with the Total Webcasting solution is the ability to Webcast from any location in the United States or Worldwide with little preparation or arrangements.

FULL SERVICE WEBCASTING SYSTEM AND FEATURES                                                              
Full-service webcasting includes a skilled technician who coordinates all aspects of the Webcast from start to finish. During event production, we bring everything you need for the webcast. An on-site internet connection is the only requirement.

On-site production with the TW Mediacart™, our proprietary,
portable production system, includes:

• Multiple robotic HD cameras
• Lower screen graphics
• Picture in a picture
• Direct Power Point and media insertion
• Video switching with transitions
• HQ audio mixing
• Full HD recording
• Minimal set-up and break-down time

Total Asset Manager, or TAM™, our custom and secure content management system, is deployed in the cloud as Software as a Service (SaaS), so there is nothing to buy or install. TAM™ features include:

• Custom-branded viewing portal with style and color options
• Operates on all Windows and Mac computers, along with most iOS and Android devices
• Live Streaming and content hosting for on-demand viewing
• Registration and pay-per-view
• Viewer verification for continuing education
• Real-time polling and testing capabilities
• Viewer participation
• Document and reference management
• Optional closed captions
• Optional Total Transcript Integration, with transcript and video interaction
• Synchronized Power Point slide integration
• Agenda/Program indexing for enhanced archive viewing
• Twitter feed embedding
• Virtual control panel for customer monitoring and communication
• Geographical statistics on live and archive viewing

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Our services help increase government transparency and efficiency, including public Webcasting for state and local governments. Total Webcasting provides governments with webcasting for training and communications.


View Public Webcasts here:
• New York State Department of Health
• Dutchess County New York Legislature


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We specialize in custom solutions for continuing legal education (CLE), continuing medical education, and other online programs. We provide CLE services to one of the largest bar associations in the United States.

Other services to educational institutions include Webcasts of commencements, special events, conferences, candidate recruitment, lectures, and other noteworthy events.


View Public Webcasts for Educational Institutes here:
• Columbia University
• The City College of New York



Total Webcasting provides services to corporate clients aimed at enhancing communications strategies, such as investor days, training sessions, guest speaker events, and town hall meetings.

From announcing important international news about a Parkinson’s disease vaccine, to helping convey corporate goals and values within organizations, Total Webcasting serves a wide and diverse range of needs.


View Public Special Events Webcasts here:
• New York State Bar Association







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Capability Statement

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Sample Public Webcasts

• New York State Department of Health
• Dutchess County New York Legislature
• Columbia University
• The City College of New York
• New York State Bar Association

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