Since 2007 Total Webcasting has been providing cost effective, high-quality webcasting and content management systems to businesses, nonprofits, and educational institutions. We offer complete solutions that help clients reach and engage a wider audience, measure the impact of their communications, and create a consummate user experience. Our combination of hardware and software solutions is the industry’s only true “glass-to-glass” offering.

Our proprietary hardware solution, the TW Mediacart™, has undergone virtually constant revision and improvement since its first iteration in 2007. Over the years, the TW Mediacart™ has become more mobile, lightweight, and smaller without sacrificing ability, power, and versatility; in fact, it is capable of more today than ever before. Furthermore, the Mediacart™ is outfitted such that a single technician can handle an entire event.

In addition to our hardware solution, Total Webcasting has offered clients an unprecedented amount of control over their content with our Total Asset Management (TAM™) system. This exclusive software solution gives clients abundant options for the management of their content, from viewer registration to Twitter feed embedding to video archiving, among many other features. Like the TW Mediacart™, TAM™ has undergone continual upgrades and improvements since its inception.

Thus, when it comes to the delivery of online video and content management, Total Webcasting has no equal. By combining technical expertise, innovative equipment, and pioneering software, Total Webcasting continues to provide technology and services to organizations throughout the United States and even globally.

From the glass of our camera lens to the glass of your viewing screen, Total Webcasting has you covered every step of the way for a true “glass-to-glass” solution.

On-site production with the TW Mediacart, our proprietary portable production system, includes:

  • Multiple robotic HD cameras
  • On-screen graphics
  • Picture-in-a-picture
  • Direct PowerPoint and media embedding
  • High quality audio mixing
  • Live and post-production subtitles with CART service
  • Full HD recording
  • Minimal setup and breakdown time

From the glass of our camera lens to the glass of your viewing screen, Total Webcasting has you covered every step of the way for a true “glass-to-glass” solution.

TAM is a proprietary, secure management system that is deployed in the cloud as Software as a Service (SaaS), so there is nothing for you to buy or install. Features include:

  • Custom viewing portal with style and color options along with customer branding
  • Works on all operating systems (Win, Mac, IOS, and Android)
  • Live streaming and content hosting for on demand viewing
  • Registration and pay-per-view
  • Viewer verification for continuing education
  • Real-time polling and testing
  • Viewer participation
  • Document and reference management
  • Transcript Integration and Subtitles
  • Agenda/program indexing for enhanced archive viewing
  • Twitter feed embedding
  • Virtual control panel for customer monitoring and communication
  • Geographical statistics of live and archived viewing

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Full Service Production and Content Publishing


Our services help increase transparency and efficiency for large and small governments by providing live webcasting for training and communications.


We specialize in custom solutions for continuing education programs in the legal and medical spheres, university commencements, special events, conferences, lectures, and any other event that attracts a significant, widespread audience.

Strategic Communications

Our team provides innovative solutions aimed at strengthening and enhancing corporat communications, including investor days, training sessions, guest speaker events, and town hall meetings.


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