February 1, 2016
Total Webcasting Inc. is pleased to announce the release of version 3.4 of our content management system, TAM℠


Mobile Portal
Version 3.4 introduces a new portal style geared towards mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. We think this new style and presentation better suits the limited display size and touch screen interface of mobile devices. Like the TAM℠ Classic and Gallery styles, the Mobile style provides all of the content that can be presented in a webcast (for example, agenda, document lists, slides, forms, transcripts) in an easy to navigate format.

By default, TAM℠ will automatically assign the Mobile style to client computers it recognizes as devices. The automatic selection of the mobile device style can be disabled, in which case such devices will “inherit” the primary portal style, as it does now.


Responsive Resizing of the Video Plug-In
For those of you who embed the TAM℠ video plug-in via an iframe on your own web page, you can now enable a plug-in mode that will automatically resize the player and iframe as the browser window changes in size. This effect is most visible on desktop and laptop computers; on mobile devices, resizing will be applied upon initial page load only.

Setting up responsive resizing requires you to position the iframe on your page, as you do now, and to decide what percentage of your page will be devoted to the player. Information on responsive resizing set-up can be found in the help topic “Plug-Ins and One-Off Pages”.


Advanced Color Mixing
TAM℠ now provides the administrative user with the ability to design his or her own color scheme for their portal or one-off page. Creating a color table is a dynamic process where you can move color sliders to change the color mix and see the results reflected on models of the selected portal.  Backgrounds, fonts, and borders can be remixed to present a color scheme that is closer to your organization’s own color selection and brand.


Expanded Event Activation Schedules
Currently in TAM℠ is the ability to set an activation time and, optionally, a deactivation time for a live event. This function has been expanded in v3.4. First, a new live webcast option allows you to classify the webcast as a “permanent live event”. Permanent events are returned to Preview status and remain live when a scheduled deactivation occurs. Otherwise, the live event is converted to a pending archive.

You will also be able to define multiple schedules for an event. Each schedule can be defined by an absolute date, a day of the week, or a day of the month. For example, you could set up schedules that will keep the webcast permanently in live status and activate on Wednesdays at 2:00 PM and Fridays at 10:00 AM. At the scheduled deactivation times, the webcast will be returned to Preview status. This feature should help reduce maintenance on your own web site for webcasts of recurring meetings or programs.

Please note that the event activation function works on the status of the webcast in TAM℠ only. For those of you who have an interest in full automation that includes the encoder, we can give you some suggestions and sample code for scheduling FMLE on a Windows computer.

Customer Disclaimer
You can now define a disclaimer at the portal level that will be inserted in your webcast’s registration or password prompt boxes. You can use the disclaimer to document any ownership or copyright conditions that apply to your video content.